Ovča Social Housing

Project info


Competition | Honorable


Settlement Ovča, Belgrade | Serbia


Investment-Housing Agency | Belgrade


68.481 m2 gross


42.000.000 $


Under Costruction




Ilja Mikitišin

The urban disposition came from respecting the logic of the context of the future settlement. The intention was to obtain an open and semi-open type block with a minimum distance between the facades of 20m. It was necessary to maximize the possible removal of the facade of buildings, thus achieving greater comfort in the use of living space. The most favorable orientation of the tract (east-west) for the largest number of units guarantees uniform sunshine. The inside of the block is quiet and isolated oasis of greenery protected from traffic flows. Therefore, useful for resting, walking and playing ambiently valuable and complementary to the function of housing

By decomposing the housing tract, an atrium was created in which the staircase and the elevator were positioned. By introducing the daylight through the roof lanterns on the attic and the fourth floor, a much more pleasant residential building was obtained. Furthermore, reducing the use of electricity with the use of possible renewable energy sources of the location (geothermal and solar energy) and heat pumps we can get a more efficient house. A uniform design module of 6.25 m spam was selected, allowing a large scale of the organization of housing units of different structures. Installation nodes are fully typed and are located on a limited number of positions inside the assembly. Together with a simple constructive system, it provides quick and cost-effective construction.

The special quality of the organization of the block represents the possibility of expanding the apartments on the ground floor, obtaining a part of the terrace - garden as the extension of the living space to the open area adding a quality exclusively reserved for the objects of individual housing. The simplicity of the facade, the measured visual effect and the dynamics of the lofty floors are the elements that achieve the unimaginable identity of the settlement for future users. The basic dwelling unit is a one-room apartment from which all the other apartments are created. By typing the sanitary node and the kitchen block, a clear organization of the whole housing unit was obtained. A small number of different units (six basic types of flats) did not reduce the possibility of variations.

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