4mind is a full-service architectural design office that operates in architecture, landscape, and interior architecture scope. Our focus is on finding the best solutions through architectural imagination by providing the very best creative, high quality, and cost-effective project designs.

Our office is established in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2008 and ever since it has been working successfully on Serbian, Montenegrin and Russian market as well as an outsourcing office for other firms in other markets.

We take a comprehensive approach with each project, evaluating the needs of the client with the necessities of the site to determine appropriate solutions. The main activity of the office is the architectural design and development of diverse types of buildings, reconstruction of existing facilities, interior designs, architectural competitions, etc.

The main purpose of our office is that throughout every project questions implements ideas which will allow architects to progress and its clients to be educated in the direction of changing the perception of the space and surroundings as which as they are willing and capable to.

We are enthusiastic, precise, and punctual. This essential approach to the development of design solutions for a world in constant change.

4mind features are contemporary architecture through curiosity, having in mind formal expression, functional aspects, applied materials, building technologies, sustainable efficiency, social responsibility, and affordances.



Great design is achieved through a unique creative process and implemented using today’s latest 3D/BIM project execution tools. In addition, our services ensure that each process is particular and that client expectations are exceeded.

4mind can offer a complete range of services in a broad sphere of project types, from initial conceptual idea and programming to final hand over.

Services provided:

● Architectural Design / Sustainable Energy Efficient Housing Design

● BIM Project Development / BIM Complex Modeling & Outsourcing

● BIM Consulting / BIM Implementation

● Architectural Visualization Rendering / Still Images

● Realtime VR Animations / Video Editing / Project Presentation

● Interior Design / Interior Project Development

● MEP Supervision / Structure Supervision



Ilja Mikitišin

Ilja Mikitišin, born in 1969 in Novi Sad, grew up in Belgrade, Serbia. Studied architecture at the Belgrade Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. Since the beginning of his career, he has maintained a balance between his professional design activity and project management at the construction site. An active member of architectural organizations which he represented several times: DaNS, member of directors board in Architectural Society of Novi Sad (2000-2004), UAS, Vice President of Architectural Serbian Association (2006-2010), DAB, member of the court of honor in Architectural Society of Belgrade (since 2016). Gradually, he perfected his work in residential,commercial and cultural architecture scope.

Adores tennis, technology, and rock music.

Igor Mikitišin

Igor Mikitišin, born in 1991 in Belgrade, grew up in Novi Sad, Serbia. Studied architecture at the Belgrade Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, and went on to complete his academic studies at the KU Leuven Fakulteit Architektur, Sint Lucas, Gent, Belgium. There he gained deeper theoretical and practical knowledge in sustainability in architecture and energy efficient design. Professionally evolved as an architect in Belgrade offices and Zap Beograd where he mastered his work in architectural and interior design as well as visual arts. He is keen on mastering architectural imageries and animated movies in a different manner for real estate presentations.

Adores basketball, history, and classical music.


Lazar Kuzmanov, Miljan Salata, Nemanja Dačić, Rajko Andjelić, Miloš Pašić, Filip Sušić, Zora Starčević, Mićo Jelić, Nikola Carević, Ivana Lolin

The acronym 4MIND stands for the people, the final users of the designed space. They are our supreme goal in the mission of changing the perspective about architecture and its necessity in today’s world.



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11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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