Nikšić Student Dorm

Project info


Competition | Honorable


Faculty Complex, Nikšić | Montenegro


Directorate of Public Works | Podgorica


12.466 m2 gross


12.000.000 $


Schematic Design




Ilja Mikitišin

The location intended for the new building of the Student Dorm with all common facilities is located within the premises of the Faculty-student center of the Municipality of Nikšić, in the vicinity of the existing building of the Old Student Dorm. The new facility of common contents, which is planned on the basis of the project task, achieves the necessary connection between the old and the new objects, creating a unique urbanistic and architectural site.

Functionally, the new object is clearly zoned. The ground floor of the building is leveled at an angle of + 1.20m relative to the surrounding terrain with an entrance staircase and the necessary ramps for disabled people access. It is designed that the basement of the building will receive the same floor level as the ground floor of 4m and thus favorable for the distribution of the necessarily required contents. On the basement floor there are the following contents: Warehouse space of the restaurant, Technical rooms and premises for the maintenance of the building, Employee rooms, Multifunctional Hall, Exhibition space and banquet hall with aperitif bar, Internet room, TV room, Gym and aerobics room, Salon Beauty, Billiard Room & Nightclub.

All of these abovementioned contents are connected with the ground floor with entrance hall staircase and elevator. The lack of natural lighting of the basement rooms is resolved through glass lanterns with print glass so that the feeling of the basement floor is largely avoided. On the ground floor of the building the Student Dorm restaurant is directly accessible from the entrance hall, work along with administrative premises and the space required for the reading - library. The same block of stairs and elevator that connects the ground floor and the basement continues to the floors above, intended exclusively for the accommodation units of the house - rooms. Accommodation units-rooms are formed as unique units of two double rooms with shared kitchen and dining area. This way of an organization has given a much greater opportunity for more flexible room combinations for one, two, three or maximum four people per one sanitary unit and a dining room. In addition to the greater unified flexibility of the mixing units, the same treatment is provided to all future dormitory users. In addition to the concept of accommodation, the flooring hall is partially spaced, which allows the formation of a small atrium, which provides the necessary natural and lateral lighting which makes the building more energy efficient in its future use. This significantly reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day which gives the pleasant feeling of staying in Dorm’s Interior.

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