Bird Observatory

Project info


Architectural Construction


Obeda Lake, river Sava, Serbia


Government of Vojvodina | Novi Sad


200 m2 gross


100.000 $






Ilja Mikitišin

Obeda Lake, unlike other wetlands in Serbia, has a unique combination of natural and cultural-historical values, which makes it especially attractive for the development of all types of tourism. This Special National Nature Reserve, hides the ruins of the medieval fortification of Kupinik, a town from late 1380s. Moreover, in its eastern part the remains of the Obed Monastery from year 1486 can be found, as well as the church of St. Ports on the edge of Kupinovo village from 1451. The whole Nature Park is a protected ethno-complex with numerous Neolithic archeological sites. This unique space is one of the oldest protected natural resources in the world. The first administrative protection dates from 1874. Due to its exceptional natural values, the Obeda Lake has verified European international importance.

But still the most significant feature of this lake is that it is one of Europe’s largest and most abundant region for bird species, a true paradise for ornithologists. The actual site for a bird Observatories Obeda and Kupinik is at the edge of the vast open area, where all bird lovers can observe the birds undisturbed and enjoy the quiet and scent of nature. This touristic punk is totally isolated from the village and all manmade activities. The Observatory structure is completely made out of wood. Sustainable approach was necessary to keep the architecture as much as secondary as well as to blend in as closely as possible with the natural environment.

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