Bus Station

Project info


Competition | Competition Entry


Block 42, New Belgrade | Serbia


Constraction Directorate | Belgrade


57.874 m2 gross


72.000.000 $


Schematic Design




Ilja Mikitišin, Igor Mikitišin, Filip Sušić, Zora Starčević

Nobel Prize winner, the famous writer, Ivo Andric in his novel Doomed Yard’’ explains that the power of the state and its society can most clearly be seen in the jail and the train or bus station. The station represents the core of the city in which it is located and reflects the social standards. The station represents an infrastructural and functional building of national importance and for this is why it has to be monumental and iconic. It must be a landmark not only of the city but of the state.

The first impression of the city to the passengers who come to Belgrade by bus is the look of the arrival platforms. The primary intention of the functional scheme of the proposed bus station is that the incoming platforms are clearly visible and especially attractive for all users, both for incoming passengers and for people who are waiting for them. Another intention is that the directions of movement of pedestrians and vehicles (buses coming and going from the station and passenger vehicles accessing garage) do not intersect. Such axioms were brokered by the proposal that bus station building should be above incoming and outgoing platforms, thus freeing ground floor for the unhindered movement of buses. The attractiveness and profitability of the building are complemented by a wide range of commercial contents on the first floor of the terminal building. While the management, administration, support services and agencies that help the station function are proposed to be on the second floor.

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