Fitness & Spa Centre

Project info




Futoški put 93b, Novi Sad | Serbia


BB Minaqua Ltd. | Novi Sad


600 m2 gross


300.000 $


Schematic Design




Igor Mikitišin, Miljan Salata

The project task was to analyze the existing empty area of the business facility of the water factory BB Minaqua in detail and suggest the solution of the interior of the ground floor of the right wing of the building. The BB Minaqua Water Company Business Center is located in Novi Sad. The client expressed his desire for quality, not large, space for recreation and relaxation. The previous original solution had to be redesigned. The constructive grid of concrete bearing pillars is the element that solely retains the idea that it is used to form a concept to dictate its genesis. The concept relies on the division of the unique space of the structural cube into the correct inner segments (cubes), highlighting them to the forefront with deliberately pointed columns as their formal element.

Due to a small spam of 4.2m between constrictive elements, the decision was made to move the ENTRANCE to the middle of the street facade, thus dividing the space into two distinct parts: FITNESS and SPA. These two parts are connected through the entrance part which consists of a lobby with a information desk and a user application area. This functional disposition offers uninterrupted movement and does not conflict between the’'clean'’ and the '’dirty’' paths of the users. The hallway in the background connects the entire complex with a swimming pool.

The materialization of the corridor is colored intentionally by emphasizing this connection. The suspended ceiling is perforated by squares of unequal sizes and layouts, illuminated by led lights from inside. The ceiling with columns from every corner gives the impression of the frame (box). As a darkest part of the space, the corridor received additional illumination in the form of a background wall, combining both the horizontal ceiling and the verticality of the wall into one architectural language.

The pool is designed as minimalist as possible, by focusing on day and night lighting. Cuts in the roof above the pool provide natural zenith lighting, while at night the effect of the starry sky in the lowered ceiling done in the same manner as in the recreational part, gives the impression of the Intime and atmosphere as if the user is in the outer space

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