Apartment PS2

Project info


Attic Reconstruction


Stari Grad, Novi Sad, Serbia


Private Client


113m2 gross


180.000 $






Igor Mikitišin, Simona Đukanović, Ružica Ćetković / 4MIND + DART

Reconstruction in architecture is one of the hardest tasks, this is no different in that matter. Famous house, from famous architect of 1930s in one of oldest streets had to be done with such a precision and elegancy that it does not in any way damage the appearance and set parameters of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of municipality of Novi Sad. Volume and area had to stay in the same dimensions and proportions. Roof tiles was replaced with a new one, and the fireplace, although it was moved from the interior, stands on the roof as a fake chimney. Functional scheme is flexible and can be used both for residential and business purposes because in addition to a large open free space area, the apartment also has 2 separate rooms, 2 bathrooms, imbedded storage room and a small toilet. The curiosity is that only this apartment in the building has a large terrace facing the courtyard.

Over and above, when we talk about attics, we are also talking about lighting and ventilation, which it must have, and in this project special attention was paid to that. There is light everywhere and the apartment is very bright as it has 15 skylights with automatic adjustment for ventilation and sunlight.

Residential area is divided in two zones, day area downstairs includes living, working and dining room while upper floor is reserved for night activities, with separated 3 large bedrooms. Curiosity of this house is in number of terraces (ground floor, first floor, roof) from which one can observe and enjoy Novi Sad cityscape and beautiful blue Danube.

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