Apartment Interior

Project info




Jevremova street | Belgrade | Serbia


Private Client | Belgrade


70m2 gross


23.000 $


Detail Design




Igor Mikitišin

The apartment is situated in the center of Belgrade, the oldest part of the city with buildings, most of which are protected cultural property. The net height in the building where the apartment is located is 3.2m and the apartment belongs to the salon apartments, designed between the two world wars. Having in mind the requirements of the client, but also the original concept of the apartment, the idea was to keep as much as possible of the salon apartment spirit from that period, refreshed with modern contemporary architectural details.

First of all, for the main element of the interior design, the decorative cladding in the form of moldings was chosen. The inspiration was in the existing doors in the apartment. This cladding was applied to all walls in the entrance hall and living room. The panels are made of polyurethane and are easy to process and modify. The three-wing existing closet in the living room, which clients really like, served as a respectable example from which all the pieces of furniture in the apartment came out - a large chest of drawers, a small cabinet, a shoe rack, mirrors, shelves. The wall facing the Kalamegdan Fortress, a green oasis in the city center, was treated minimalistically by adding tall potted plants at the ends as a logical continuation of the window frame - tall trees and green canopies. In the wall empty spaces, pictures were placed that were illuminated by lighting from the ceiling.

A small marble table has been added to the existing table in the living room, occasionally filling a hole in the table, but also as a special small table that can be used anywhere in the room. The color of the sofa and stools are harmonized with the pillows and decoration. The front wall was done in a gray-blue technique in order to make the existing images of the triptych stand out as much as possible and gain in importance.

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