Dance Theatre Kolo

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Competition | Competition Entry


Karadjordjeva street , Belgrade | Serbia


Ensemble Kolo | Belgrade


20 000 m2 gross


30.500.000 $


Schematic Design




Ilja Mikitišin, Nemanja Dačić, Miljan Salata, Rajko Andjelić, Igor Mikitišin, Miloš Pašić

The distinctive city silhouette of shredded old town hillsides, a specific image of a city frozen between river and sky, was interpreted as "Place neither in heaven nor on earth" according to the folk fable of the same name. In such a thoughtful picture, the house of the National Serbian Ensemble of Folk Songs and Games appears as a recognizable symbol of the aforementioned metaphor of the cityscape.

The descent of Belgrade towards the coast of the Sava Amphitheater through the articulation of pedestrian infrastructure and public spaces on the slope of Kosančić historical area, is defined as a house between two heights - the new city landmark of the most important Belgrade veduta. House of National Dance Theatre is conceptually defined as a stage-evocative spatial ensemble, eternally trapped between River and Sky in the above, above one of the busiest city zones: Karadjordjeva street and Sava Plateau.

Seen from the perspective of New Belgrade and Branko's Bridge, the form of broken façades and roof planes tends to fit into the Kosančić Hill context and silhouette as an architectural metaphor, therefore alludes to the spatial ensemble of volumetry in motion between the river and the Sava slope.

The design of the new Theatre building can be viewed as a complex historical-semantic scenography which evokes the motives of the ensemble's movement from the tradition of folk dances. The transposed arc planes establish a clear connection with the memory of the space-object Đumrukana (former river Sava customs building) in a sense to nterpolate the memory of space into a new city silhouette.

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