Musical Arts Faculty

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Dunavska street, Dorćol, Belgrade, Serbia


Government of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Education, Science and technological development


44.479 m2 gross


38.200.000 $


Schematic Design




Ilja Mikitišin, Siniša Zdjelar, Petra Komadinić, Miljan Salata, Igor Mikitišin, Nemanja Dačić, Milica Dukić, Zora Pajčin, Zoja Milić

The building of the Faculty of Music is planned in Dunavska Street, Dorćol in Belgrade. We can formulate the urban concept as a superimposed set of architecture and Linear Park. In this co-existence (symbiotic relationship), the Linear Park represents a continuous spatial form (melody), while the new FMU building forms the rhythm by which the melody is structured, paused, framed, directed, conducted. If we start from the fact that music is primarily a spatial-temporal form, then it can be expressed as such through architecture. Therefore, the architectural concept can be defined as a rhythmic assembly / discontinuity / as a counterpoint to Linear Park.

The line of the facade towards the linear park represents the urban axis through which the Faculty of Music, as an institution, achieves its contextual connection with Belgrade, ceding part of its roof and the newly formed plateau for use. The music hall, as a public part of the faculty, is positioned at the most prominent position on the lot, taking into account the main views from the dominant pedestrian direction - Beton Hall and Sports Centre 25 Maj.

The idea is that by moving through spatial sequences, users live an experience similar to moving through musical sequences. In this sense, the composition of newly formed environments surrounds the building of the Faculty of Music in a continuous "Music Loop". The basic disposition of the private and public part of the faculty determined the design solution of the levitating cubes above the withdrawn facade, where the expressiveness of the form points to the connection with the architectural heritage of the Dorćol industrial zone.

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