Hotel Montenegro Star

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Competition | Competition Entry


Old Town Ulcinj, Ulcinj | Montenegro


Montenegro Government | Podgorica


22 764 m2 gross


33.000.000 $


Schematic Design




Ilja Mikitišin

The plot with its position in the urban ambience of the city of Ulcinj and the future construction of a hotel of a high category hotel represents an extremely important spatial-visual dominant. In addition to its significant position, one of the very important characteristics of the plot is the existing rich vegetation and greenery, which should be preserved as much as possible by the future solution. The third and the most important feature of the site and key part of the concept, is the urban matrix of the Old Town of Ulcinj and its surroundings, which is quite simple, but at the same time extremely extractive. Precisely this complexity of the relationship between the unit of settlement and the whole complex was the guiding principle for the architectural design of the future hotel.

The main motive behind the design of the complex of the hotel complex is a connection established between the main unit of the city of (House) and the basic accommodation unit of hotel (Room). It is reflected in the way of organizing the rooms in addition to meet several important location program parameters at the same time (unspoiled sea view, parterre greenery, categorization of the future hotel). Firstly, the rooms are organized by one-way circuits called _Villa, which are then spatially decorated, as well as the urban matrix of the city of Ulcinj, where the basic rule is the right to see. This rule was, of course, the basic rule of the organization not only of the hotel rooms, but also the hotel tract. Therefore, this simple complexity of the location is fully integrated into the future hotel. The sea view, the green terraces, the daylight in the corridors of the hotel tract, and the appearance that completely do not disturbs the observer's view in contrast to view at the existing settlement are the characteristics of the proposed solution.

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