Square Market

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Competition | Competition Entry


Old Town, Novi Sad | Serbia


City Administration | Novi Sad


18 720 m2 gross


9.360.000 $


Schematic Design




Ilja Mikitišin

The location of the Square Market in Novi Sad, unfortunately, shows all the shortcomings of urban planning, architectural creativity and transitional market changes. The basic features of the space are complete dispersion of function, because the current position of the Market has completely sidelined the western part of the site according all the valuable historical heritage of Novi Sad. Establishing a communication-functional connection, as the current lack of location, will be one of the major priorities in the proposed bidding solution. This stance will try to integrate the existing undivided physical context of the space into a single ambient whole. The west-east link as the spiritual axis of space (the axial direction of the Cathedral Church) will remain the urban dominant. On the other hand, also very important feature of the location, is insolation. The December shade clearly shows that most of the location is in permanent shade, an important contextual element that needs to be corrected by a future solution. Last but not the least, is the traffic on the perimeter of the site, which, by its position along the northern part, creates the physical inability of active functional integration of objects into a single Square.

Traffic in the concave solution may be the most important link in the formation of the Square Market as a single unit and a continuous pedestrian zone along the longitudinal direction of the site. The concept of the urban layout of the Open Space building with green market, above all, combines several location parameters at the same time.

1. The planned site, is basically intended for the market function

2. Setting up an object that integrates the Market and the Square into a single whole, without disturbing the traffic on the northern perimeter of the location

3. Formation of a continuous pedestrian zone throughout the site

4. The market area with new regulation lines is much smaller than the existing one, so that it follows the concept of urban layout of the object in the longitudinal direction of the site on two levels.

The concept of architectural design is also multi-layered and includes several significant elements. Architectural language, symbolism was used, at the level of metaphor. The yellow clinker brick was used in the paving of the market as a symbol and memory of the place - “Genius loci”. Longitudinal shape of the building reminds of a boat which is correlated with the urban setting of the object, and fish is represented in the design of the net (membrane). Entire Square is a symbol of nature, full of green planter and grass areas, where healthy fruits and vegetables are being sold.

Functionally, the object is divided into several functional units due to its distinct length. The urbanistic concept of the object is also drawn through the function of the object itself. Namely, the first and basic step is the dislocation of space. Green markets from the ground floor up to the level of + 4.00. Ground floor and floor pedestrian connection as well as mastering of the 4m floor height was achieved through pedestrian ramps with a slope of 5% (length 80m). from the new market building to the imaginary corridor of the south end of the Square. This urban deviation and floor denivelation resulted primarily in better insulation of the green area of Market space as well as logical leveling-functional division of the building. On the ground floor, towards the northern part of the Square, are utilities (fast food shops, bakeries, buffets, beverage and other products stores ...) that can have a regime independent of the market. Towards the buildings ground floor is covered by a series of columns (portico).

What perhaps distinguishes the architectural concept is that a lot of things can be added to the architecture of an object, but in any case, nothing can be taken away, which can be said to be one of the most important parameters for the author himself.

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