Pariski Magazin

Project info


Competition | First Prize


Old Town, Novi Sad | Serbia


Private Client | Novi Sad


5 500 m2 gross


5.500.000 $


Schematic Design




Ilja Mikitišin, Lazar Kuzmanov

Commercial - business building "Pariski Magazin" is located in the center of Novi Sad, the heart of the pedestrian zone. As this zone of the city is a protected cultural whole of exceptional importance, the design proposal had to keep in mind all limitations that this protection brings. With its appearance, the building was supposed to have a dual role - to be a modern symbol of the city in the old city center, as well as not to deviate from the clearly defined street front and facades in the Art Nouveau style.

The building does not stand out from the set height regulations with its storeys and follows the wreaths of both neighboring houses, so this house has all the elements of successful interpolation. By combining large glass surfaces and steel elements on the front side, an interesting facade appearance was obtained in complete contrast with the existing architecture. The front part of the façade in the background is made of granite slabs in a lighter color, which, with a dark gray aluminum, gives a distinct industrial style.

The structure of the object allows the flexibility of the function. The house can be a mini shopping center with small shops and stores, but it can also be an administrative and business building with offices. Both options are connected by a public space with an internal staircase and a panoramic elevator. Due to the great depth of the plot, it was necessary to illuminate the interior of the building, through a large attic and a lantern on the roof. This architectural proposal has been awarded from the Serbian Chamber of Architects and the Association of Novi Sad Architect for the best interpolation proposal in the city urban core in Serbia. Furthermore, the projects was exhibited at Belgrade Salon of Architecture.

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