Hotel Igalo

Project info


Competition | Honorable Mention


Igalo, Herceg Novi | Montenegro


Development Agency | Herceg Novi


22 764 m2 gross


40.000.000 $


Schematic Design




Ilja Mikitišin

The location intended for the construction of the future new hotel "Igalo" in the category of five stars is a plot where the same hotel was previously located. According to its configuration, the plot is specific firstly because of the position of the stream that divides the plot into two physically completely separate parts, and the other because the plot itself is located in the immediate vicinity of the sea, giving a very interesting topic to the future hotel-unobstructed view toward the sea. The current location undermines the total removal of existing facilities because they cannot adequately respond to the requirements of a high category hotel. The characteristic of the place is certainly a view of the sea and the Herceg Novi Riviera, stream and well-maintained greenery of the plot. A permitted and possible orientation of the hotel rooms is in all directions, but the preferred primary directions are in the direction of the southeast, south, and southwest, which represents another important element of future urban morphology. Lastly, an equally important element is certainly respect for the existing Herzegovinian urban matrix.

The starting point for the urban concept of the facility is the program requirement for the capacity of the hotel rooms of the planned future hotel. Namely, the task required the realization of the capacity of 400-500 rooms, with the height limit of the future object of G + 7, which gives the number of rooms per floor should be from 70 to 80. Furthermore, taking the standard constructive raster pillars at a distance of 8 x 8 m, the block of two hotel rooms that can fit in this raster and a staircase we reach the dimensions of the hotel tract of about 80m. Having in mind the fire protection requirements that the staircase for evacuation of guests must be at a maximum of 30m in distance, it is assumed that for this dimension of the tract with these number of hotel rooms there are four staircase verticals.

By analyzing the sunshine of the site, the volumetry and position of one tract is in the direction of south-north which imposes the other to go east-west. Such an urban setting of the building brings objects in the immediate environment (especially in its hinterland) that allows constant overshadowing because it is a facility of about 30 m. Correction of volume in the south-east direction of the last three floors leads to a significant improvement in terms of shading and the view of surrounding buildings. The constructive frame is in the geometry and interpretation of the basic raster of 8x8m. Due to the envisaged large ranges, the building structure is treated as a steel coupled construction with RC cores and walls. For the purpose of bridging extreme ranges on the part of the building from the second to the fifth floor, the structure was examined uniquely on all three floors due to the needs of static and constructive heights (box effect).

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