Hotel Carine

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Competition | Competition Entry


Baošići, Herceg Novi | Montenegro


Agency for Development | Podgorica


30 942 m2 gross


27.000.000 $


Schematic Design




Ilja Mikitišin

The location creates conditions for the solution which will be able to take advantage of the "place". An attractive modern architectural complex will spatially and formally shape a striking image of a new ambiance. The conceptual approach to designing a new hotel-tourist complex had several different levels. The first among them was the principle of organizing accommodation units and, hence, the type of organization of the hotel tract. By setting the initial desirable axiom that all accommodation units of the hotel (rooms, apartments) has to have a view to the sea, as a basic significant premise, with respect to the required number of units, the concept of forming the gallery hotel tract has been adopted. The galleries of the tract are oriented towards the north side of the site avoiding direct insolation, while all accommodation units received the desired southern orientation.

The second level is adequately functional exploitation of the existing site field de-cultivation, which leads to a clear and unequivocal dispersion of other functional units, both primary and secondary. This has made it possible to position the guest restaurant and wellness center on the south side of the building within the basement floor, thus creating functional units that are not separated, but on the contrary, the entities that integrate them.

The third level is the choice of a dependence as a functional form instead of a villa. The reason for such a choice is that the villas with their associated plot area along the requested number in the project task significantly disable the communication of both the user and the visitors of the complex with a promenade along the sea. The specificity of the dependence is that the chosen form of completely free ground where only the entry party with vertical communications is located, while the other part of the greenery is accessible to all users and visitors of the complex. In addition to the sense of unused natural environment, greenery also enables the creation of a climate more favorable environment and an energy-less complex.

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