Minaqua Headquarters

Project info




Futoška 93b, Novi Sad | Serbia


BB Minaqua Ltd. | Novi Sad


5.500 m2 gross


5.500.000 $


Detail Design




Ilja Mikitišin

The facility is located at 93b Futoski Road, Novi Sad. The urban-technical conditions envisage the demolition of all structures on the part of the plot and the construction of the facility within the complex” Minaqua” Ltd, with G + 2 floors. As a regional leader in water production, ‘’Minaqua’’ Ltd needed a Headquarters Building for their main business, which can be also rented, optionally. Due to the attractiveness of the site (the junction of two streets and the main traffic route), the building was designed as a business facility with service premises on the ground floor and offices and landscape offices on the upper floors, which have direct access from Futoski Road.

The design process has been divided in three separate parts. The first phase is a Water Factory, the biggest part of the complex. The number of hangers, interconnected, where the drills and pumps are settled among all other accompanying machines. This sector lies on the underground thermal water. The other part of the facility is the front, main road building. This building is designed out of two parts. The shape is conditioned by principal street longitudes with boulevard characteristics and a small side street that hits normally on the predominant which creates a L shape building. The frontal appearance conceals the water manufacturing plant in total.

The construction of the building was carried out on reinforced concrete foundations. Vertical communication is also via three reinforced concrete staircases. The whole envelope is covered in low emission and high reflective glass curtain wall with aluminum façade panels. The industrial look is kept due to the function of the whole facility. Ground premises are occupied with one very well-known family production craft brewery, cafeteria and restaurant. The upper floors are flexible in functional disposition. The offices can be landscape or traditionally organized, available as choice by the tenant.

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