Boulevard Centre

Project info


Competition | Third Prize


Suboticki Blvd, Novi Sad | Serbia


IM Matijevic Ltd. | Novi Sad


10.150 m2 gross


12.000.000 $


Schematic Design




Ilja Mikitišin

The location intended for the construction of a future office building is at the corner of Futoski Road and Subotički boulevard, one of the future benchmarks of the city. For this reason, the future building should represent a significant architectural figure. Existing plan documentation allows significant height of the building P + G + 8. The angular position and visibility of all four facades provides great opportunities for the future new building in terms of architectural language.The proposed solution is designed in two parts. One oriented towards the Furoška Road with higher floors, emphasizing the angular importance of the building and the other recessed and lower part of the building respecting the future surroundings regulations. Thus, the two conceptual cubes interconnected by a block of vertical communication made a setting for a very flexible functional scheme with the possibility of forming two completely independent business-apartment activities of the facility.

The concept of architectural design is also multilayered and includes several important elements. In the architectural language, it was attempted, to distinguish two clear different cubes with contrasting materialization. Dark glass and a series of dense vertical lovers that give the impression monolith part standing on the lower one which is solved with a system of opening metal shutters made of perforated aluminum sheet. In this way, the functional purpose of the building is not totally defined. The possibility of forming a purely commercial business building with a classic office space structure or a combination of business-apartment with hotel and amenities is left open. In functional terms, the main entrance is positioned at the very corner of two boulevards, giving equal importance to both directions.

Avoiding car garage ramps, a continuous unique ground floor space was obtained, which was one of the basic requirements of the future investor. This clean space can be used in several different ways. For example, as a single space or as a series of separate outlets. The connection of the ground floor with the gallery of the building with internal staircase obtained completely independent office space on the ground floor and the gallery. However, by positioning the main staircase from the entrance hall leading only to the gallery, the division into several independent business premises of the ground floor and the gallery is possible also in vertical direction, which leaves the possibility of autonomous use of individual parts of the building. This possibility has become even more pronounced by positioning a block of stairs with elevators at the junction of two cubes, which gave freedom of usage for two completely different premises of the same building.

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