IT Pavilion

Project info


Competition | Honorable


Block 58, New Belgrade | Serbia


hiCAD Ltd. | Novi Sad


1 968 m2 gross


1.200.000 $


Schematic Design




Igor Mikitišin, Filip Sušić

The main goal of this project is to brief the students at the faculty with the main design/executed project. The project task was to design a modern exhibit-administrative center (IT Pavilion) which would contain both office and exhibition space. Located in 58th block on the large green field, near Delta City Shopping mall in New Belgrade, the pavilion offers new public space just beneath its volume. The object contains a ground and an upper floor and it is positioned as freestanding in the middle of the parcel, orientated east-west. The main concept was to present the “box on box” idea, in order to perceive the object as two physically detached floor plans touching each other only by their edges.

The dominant role in the achievement of the concept had the attractiveness of the form and use of new materials. The exhibition section, designed as a unique discontinued space was located on the ground level, together with technical rooms and a sanitary block. The business-administrative section is placed on the upper floor as well as a sanitary block and cafe-kitchen. The object’s construction is entirely done in concrete and steel. The ground level is completed in combination of circular reinforced concrete pillars and beams, which create open and fluid space. The upper floor is completely made of steel - pillars, beams, ribs and truss system. The use of steel trusses was necessary in order to solve the construction problem concerning long cantilever construction.

Moreover, specific constructive detail were the interior hanging stairs. The whole facade was made of a structural curtain wall which is great for achieving a transparent and airy feel of interior space. On the upper floor, in front of the curtain wall, vertical fixed sun shades are set as a protection from excessive insulation. The project was reworded with honorable mention at the IX hiCAD Student’s Competition for the best ArchiCAD Teamwork project.

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