Conference Centre

Project info


Competition | Honorable


Belgrade City Fair, Belgrade | Serbia


Belgrade City Fair | Belgrade


20 000 m2 gross


20.000.000 $


Schematic Design




Ilja Mikitišin

The task of the competition was to reconstruct and adapt three Belgrade Fair Halls. The Belgrade Fair Halls has been built in the mid-60s and they were overused so the restoration was an obvious thing to suggest as the main goal of the city authorities. Namely, the architecture of the whole complex, as well as the time of its origin, irreversibly points to a simple treatment of architectural forms, simplified materialization and the articulation of the purity of an architectural expression. On the other hand, new reconstructed objects must have a certain dose of specialty in relation to the environment since it is in process of transforming into a conference center.

The answer to those functionally contextual frames is the choice to treat the object monochromatic, white, which will not distort the context, moreover, it would bring in the necessary freshness in the Belgrade Fair complex.Form and simplicity of the building are especially emphasized in accordance with the surrounding architecture while at the same time suitable to the future needs of the conference center giving it the necessary specialty in relation to the environment.

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