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Architecture Podcast as a Mechanism for Social Change




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What is Sfera?

Sfera is a Podcast dedicated to conversations about Architecture as a mechanism of social change that represents a meeting place for local creatives and enthusiasts who create a better living space.

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Why Sfera?

The podcast as a form of broadcast has gone through its affirmative stages and has already in a way gained its place within popular culture. What perhaps intrigued us the most is the specific free form of the show, where the guest and the host discuss a wide range of topics, so it doesn't necessarily have to be a classic interview. It was completely unbelievable to us that some topics such as music, business and show-business, sports, psychology, medicine are widely represented in the public space, while Architecture has only a few podcasts on a global level.

As friends since faculty, one day we gathered around and said: Why not?

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And it all started.

Team consists of young and successful architects and specialists who want to give something more to the community. We must make a change. We need to start somewhere.

Creative team:

  • ● Miljan Salata, architect – author, producer, content creator and host
  • ● Igor Mikitišin, architect - author, producer, content creator and host
  • ● Nemanja Dačić, architect - author, producer, content creator and host
  • ● Denis Turanović, architect - author, producer, content creator and host


  • ● Kristina Vuković, architect - reels and social media
  • ● Simona Štulović, architect – scenography design
  • ● Tamara Čvorović, architect – scenography design
  • ● Luka Jukić, editor – audio and video post production
  • ● Lena Čolić, court translator for English language
  • ● Milan Stanivuković, lawyer and legal advisor
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Creating a community consisting of Architects, Urbanists, Social Activists as well as Creatives from related disciplines who responsibly understand their professional role in society in Serbia and Balkan region (6 countries). Networking and connection of community members aims to empower the Architectural profession as well as interested citizens to engage in the purpose of Cultural Transformation of their environment.

Cultural transformation implies the creation of new common values, goals and professional ethics, apropos, the promotion of Architecture and the Architectural scene in public space in Serbia and Balkan region (6 countries).

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We believe that within the Architectural profession there is a need for:

  • ● reaffirmation of old and affirmation of new professional values and ethical principles
  • ● establishing fair conditions on the market and improving business culture
  • ● for professional association around common values and interests (Chamber of Architects)
  • ● promotion of new technological and ecologically sustainable solutions in the field of construction
  • ● education and information about the progress of software solutions in the field of informatics
  • ● interdisciplinary approach to challenges and connections within the guild
  • ● better visibility in public space and media

The role of the Architectural Association in the public discourse implies social engagement in several different fields, within different social spheres. By working together, architects and all other creative parties, contribute to the improvement of the environment, the development of cities, as well as other difficult processes in society.

We believe that by showing precisely that diverse range of occupations and social engagements that Architects are capable of taking on, will be a positive impulse that strengthens the community by making it visible and recognized, motivating other citizens in their efforts to improve the common living space.


We believe that within the Architectural profession there is a need for:

  1. 1. Opening the media space for public debate, discussion and promotion of topics related to Architecture, environment and technology development.
  2. 2. Affirmation and gathering of individuals from the profession who fight for "healthy" ideas, and consequently the motivation of other colleagues in the direction of realizing their own ideas that affect the collective consciousness.
  3. 3. In this sense, SFERA is a gathering place for quality professionals and a space for the affirmation of new creative forces and avant-garde ideas.
  4. 4. SFERA starts as a local media phenomenon but tends to be recognized as a regional platform for dialogue about Architecture.
  5. 5. SFERA has as its ultimate goal the creation and affirmation of the Architectural COMMUNITY in public space firstly in Serbia and Balkan region (6 countries) then why not also globally?

How can we do it?

Establishing dialogue leads to empowerment - Empowerment of individuals leads to networking - networking leads to social action - action leads to Cultural Transformation.

Open and direct communication through internet platforms and social media is necessary to achieve the goals of SFERA. Addressing the audience should be educational and affirmative, but at the same time fun and unburdening. The idea is to avoid the elitist narrative that Architects often resort to as a way to isolate and protect themselves. SFERA strives for the future audience to be actively involved in the discussion about architecture and thereby identify with the above-mentioned values.

Architecture is a comprehensive force of the development of society in the field of construction, economy, technology, informatics, ecology and politics. It has an important driving role in many industries as well as the social and political sphere. Therefore, creating an Architectural Community through the SFERA brand is one of the main goals of the project.

SFERA entertains the community by creating narratives about the Architectural scene and the importance of the profession for society in general. We also want the dialogue to affirm the latest technological solutions that qualitatively improve space and the living environment, as well as software innovations in the field of design and interdisciplinary communication.

Target audience

  • ● Professional Community - Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Artists and Entrepreneurs
  • ● The next generation of professionals - Students, young Architects (beginners)
  • ● Academic community - professors, assistant professors, assistants, teaching staff
  • ● Social activists - independent associations, non-governmental organizations, local activists
  • ● Citizens - everyone who is concerned with Architecture and solving specific problems (construction and reconstruction, furnishing of space, purchase of real estate, hygiene of living space, healthy ecosystem, general information about the Architectural profession, etc.)
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