Forest House

Forest House _ MOSCOW | Moscow | Ilja Mikitisin

Project info




Sosenki Area | Moscow | Russia


Private Client | Moscow


500 m2 gross


1.500.000 $


Detail Design




Ilja Mikitišin

The site of the residence is located in the Sosenki area, Moscow Region, Russia. Since the surrounding environment is pure nature, the architectural concept of the house was to incorporate the outside flora as much as possible into and around the house. This extrovert feeling was enabled by the disposition of the house in the same level throughout the site. The decision to stay at the ground floor level, low, made a direct impact that the house is essential part of the forest. House motive was a simplified pinecone, of the surrounding conifer forest. This metaphor translated into architecture resulted in different grouped contents (rooms) in the shape of orthogonal cluster.

Forest House _ MOSCOW | Moscow | Ilja Mikitisin
Forest House _ MOSCOW | Moscow | Ilja Mikitisin
Forest House _ MOSCOW | Moscow | Ilja Mikitisin

Interior design was also in service of the forest ambient. Glass structural façade, facing the outside wildness gives the impression of being connected to an external peaceful forest environment. This cozy feeling of being practically outside but again inside has been contributed also by the choice of warmer materials such as wood and jagged stone travertine. The atmosphere is complemented by darker colors and careful ambient decorative lighting. In addition to the necessary and standard house spaces, Mansion Rublovka contains also a working cabinet, library, billiard room, valuable trophies and souvenirs room, spa and wellness area, Finnish sauna, Turkish bathroom, private gym and a small pool.

Forest House _ MOSCOW | Moscow | Ilja Mikitisin
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