Kamendin Social Housing

Social Housing _ KAMENDIN | Belgrade | author Ilja Mikitisin

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Competition | Competition Entry


Settlement Kamendin, Zemun | Serbia


Investment-Housing Agency | Belgrade


27 676 m2 gross


18.000.000 $


Schematic Design




Ilja Mikitišin

The subject location is within the Settlement Kamendin, Zemun polje, about 16 km from the center of Belgrade, motorway for Novi Sad in Akrobate Aleksića street. The plot area is 9,645 m2. Required project program for obtaining the given number of housing units, then realization of the required number of parking spaces on the plot along with the disposition and the size of the plot were conditioned the formation of an urban assembly of three free-standing objects (objects A, B, C) interconnected with underground floors for parking / garaging vehicles.

Social Housing _ KAMENDIN | Belgrade | author Ilja Mikitisin

A longer object A, due to its length, is designed as an object in a series of three identical buildings with the necessary mutual dilatations. Building A is because of its unfavorable urban planning orientation (northeast-southwest), formed as corridor type building with internal atriums (skylights), which allows the two-way orientation of the housing units, as well as natural insulation and ventilation of the corridor of the building. Objects B and C, with its more favorable orientation (southeast-northwest), were formed as free-standing objects of corridor type.

Social Housing _ KAMENDIN | Belgrade | author Ilja Mikitisin

Suggested functional scheme of these apartments’ simple transitions from one type of an apartment to another. By combining the base module, the corridor tract with atriums (skylights) is formed. Atriums besides their basic functionality allow two-sided orientation of small apartments, enabling natural insulation and ventilation corridor. Nonetheless, a view of the apartments from the corridor is protected by the print foil on a glass with a pattern of sandblasted glass. An unhindered natural light illuminates the corridor of the building.

Social Housing _ KAMENDIN | Belgrade | author Ilja Mikitisin

Materialization of objects is provided in accordance with the intention of forming a block that would be in architectural sense recognizable as a place of encounter. Facade lining is anticipated from multicolored fibers cement boards on the aluminum substructure. This architectural expression and materialization will refresh the context environment and provoke a desire that inhabitant’s future users. The author's position is that for future users (refugees) it will be a better solution, to design an object that would provoke a desire that inhabitants of the surrounding blocks be his own users. That would be fully realized the integration of people who have largely lost much, in a new environment.

Social Housing _ KAMENDIN | Belgrade | author Ilja Mikitisin
Social Housing _ KAMENDIN | Belgrade | author Ilja Mikitisin
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